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Sports Physical Therapy
sports physical therapy
Sports Physical Therapy

Train Hard. Recover Faster.

Physical Therapy

What makes KPI Physical Therapy different from traditional rehab?

Individualized plans. Thoughtful programming. Data driven decisions.


Don't let your goals be a guessing game. Make the first step toward your future you.


Don't believe us? Check out our facility! 

What We Do.

Physical Therapy


Rehabbing an injury alone can be complicated. Throw in your specific sport demands, normal workout routine and now your rehab exercises, it can feel impossible to balance it all by yourself. Get started with your individualized rehab program today and don't lose valuable time being an athlete!


For many surgeries, we see better outcomes in those who receive PT prior to their surgery. Prepare now so you don't have to worry later and develop a game plan before and after surgery.

Post Op

Much of the worry following a surgery stem from the unknowns for what is to come after an operation. Put your mind at ease with data driven decision making to get you back to peak performance.


It might be your back when you squat or your ankle when you run. Either way, the pain isn't 'that bad' and 'you can live with the pain' but it continues to bug you. Let's do an assessment to get to the bottom of  what your body is trying to tell you.


195 Mast Street,

Morgan Hill, CA



Wednesday 2pm - 7pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am - 4pm

Physical Therapy

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