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Rehab Squatting

Get Started on Your Road To Recovery

Ready to start? Begin your recovery journey with expert care tailored just for you.

Get To Know Us

What Makes Us Different?

Individualized, one-on-one treatments

Extensive time on diagnosis to find the exact cause of your issue

Performance-based physical therapy aided with manual therapy and patient education

Transparent patient experience with a goal of fewer visits and less money spent

Research-based exercises that blend sports medicine with fitness

Rehab Equipment

What We Do

At our core we give you the tools and knowledge to find out your root problem and create a plan to solve it.



Rehabbing an injury alone can be confusing and complicated. We identify the root cause, create a plan, and educate you on how to navigate your injury from start to finish. 

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For many surgeries, we see better outcomes in those who receive PT prior to their surgery. Develop your game plan before and after surgery.

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Post Operation

Much of the worry following a surgery stem from the unknowns. Put your mind at ease with data driven decision making to get you back to peak performance.

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Your workout shouldn't be limited by your most recent back spasm. We work with you and your current routine to find a path toward exercise freedom.

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Our Professional Edge

What We Specialize In

We specialize in providing expert physical therapy for a wide range of conditions. From chronic joint pain to acute injuries, our experienced team is equipped to handle all your rehabilitation needs. We focus on delivering personalized treatment plans for

Neck & Head





Ankle & Foot

Hip & Pelvis


Post Surgery

The Process

What to Expect When Working with Us


Phone Consultation

Let us get acquainted with what problem you're facing and determine what is high priority for you.



Finding out the root cause of pain requires attention to detail and exploration. After our first interaction, we should understand factors leading to pain and first steps to move beyond it.


Clinic Visits

Overcoming and persevering through sports related injuries takes time. We work with you consistently to lead you toward a more efficient and pain free life.


Ongoing Support

Our number one goal is for you to be as independent as possible but that doesn't mean we are going to leave you out to dry. Have security in having a rehab professional in your corner.

Real Stories, Real Results

"I highly recommend Mike for Physical Therapy for anyone. I worked with Mike for over a year prior to him opening this institute, and he was instrumental in my recovery from an ACL tear (Knee Surgery). Mike is a knowledgeable and experienced physical therapist. He has a deep understanding of the knee and the rehabilitation process. He is also a great motivator and teacher. He helped me to set realistic goals and to push myself to achieve them. Mike's treatment approach was holistic. He also taught me how to move safely and efficiently. He also provided me with education and resources on how to manage my pain and inflammation. Thanks to Mike's help, I am now fully recovered from my surgery. I am able to walk, run, and be active without pain or limitations. I am so grateful for Mike's support and guidance."


"Mike was attentive to my description of the shoulder & elbow pain I was having and designed a strengthening program focused on addressing the underlying causes (rather than just the symptoms)."

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Physical Therapy Space

New to KPI Physical Therapy?

We want to find the right path for you. Following a brief phone call, you'll discover whether we're a good fit or if you belong elsewhere. Regardless, we want you to feel like you're in control and making the best decision possible.

Physical Therapist

Meet Mike, Your Physical Therapist

My objective is to deliver you the best fitness and medical result possible. Having worked with hundreds of athletes and patients, we can create and outline a plan to bring you to your finish line.

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