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Batting Cage

Our Team


Michael Swienton, DPT, CSCS

Owner, Physical Therapist and Strength Coach - University at Buffalo


Born and raised in Upstate NY and graduating from University at Buffalo, my journey in physical therapy began with a burning desire to help athletes and individuals striving to rediscover their optimal selves.


Over the years, while immersing myself in the world of sports therapy, a striking disparity became abundantly clear. The prevailing conventional PT services often fall short in truly resonating with the aspirations of athletes and those yearning to reconnect with their peak potential. As such I built a clinic that aims to cure this current disconnect.

I'm a firm believer in affording people the time and essential resources for a full recovery post-injury. It's my philosophy that our personalized one-on-one attention, carefully curated regimens, and unfettered access to top-notch equipment converge to form the ideal setting for your journey back to your very best self.

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